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Title Subname Composer Catalogue Key Year Type
Scherzo All the Way Around and Back Charles Ives 1908 Scherzo
Psalm 90 Charles Ives 1924 Psalm
Psalm 100 Charles Ives 1902 Psalm
Zyklus Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 9 1959
Due pezzi sacri Luciano Berio 1949
Piccola gala notturna veneziana in onore dei 60 anni di Heinrich Strobel Luigi Nono 1958
Libella Carl Gottlieb Reissiger Op. 68 Overture
Sexteto místico Heitor Villa-Lobos W 131 1917
Threni (id est Lamentationes Jeremiae Prophetae) Igor Stravinsky 1958 Sacred choral
Requiem Canticles Igor Stravinsky 1966 Requiem
Herzgewächse Arnold Schoenberg Op. 20 Atonal 1911 Song(s)
Zwei Lieder Anton Webern Op. 8 1910 Song(s)
Zwei Lieder Anton Webern Op. 19 1926 Song(s)
Concertino Luciano Berio 1949 Concertino
Music for Chansons de Bilitis Claude Debussy L. 96
Canciones a Guiomar Luigi Nono 1963
Concerto per due pianoforti et strumenti Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1948 Concerto
Colloque Arthur Honegger H 216 1940
Refrain Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 11 1959
3 x Refrain 2000 Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 11 (1/2) 2000
From the Steeples and the Mountains Charles Ives 1901
Prelude and Fugue Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 855a E Minor 1722 Preludes and Fugues
Okho Iannis Xenakis 1989
Linea Luciano Berio 1973
Sérénade pour un satellite Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1969 Serenade
"The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ" Olivier Messiaen 1969
Première marche des mousquetaires Jean-Baptiste Lully LWV 10 1658 Marche
Marches et batteries de tambour Jean-Baptiste Lully LWV 44 1670 Marche
Dr K–Sextett Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 28 1969
Serenata #2 Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1954 Serenade
Pithoprakta Iannis Xenakis 1956
Concerto pour percussions et orchestre André Jolivet 1958 Concerto
Suite en concert pour flûte et quatre percussions André Jolivet 1965 Suite
Concerto pour trompette, instruments à vent, piano et percussion #2 André Jolivet 1954 Concerto
Symphony #14 Dmitri Shostakovitch Op. 135 G Minor 1969 Symphony
Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin 1924 Rhapsody
The Wedding Igor Stravinsky 1923 Ballet
The Firstborn Leonard Bernstein 1958 Incidental music
Serenade after Plato's "Symposium" Leonard Bernstein 1954 Concerto
Halil Leonard Bernstein 1981 Nocturne
Missa Brevis Leonard Bernstein 1988 Missa
Shivaree: A Fanfare Leonard Bernstein 1969
Introitus Igor Stravinsky 1965
Ragtime for Eleven Instruments Igor Stravinsky 1918
Saint Nicolas Benjamin Britten BTC 1021 1948 Cantata
Cantos del Tucumán Alberto Ginastera Op. 4 1938 Song(s)
Serenata Alberto Ginastera Op. 42 1973
Ode to the End of the War Sergei Prokofiev Op. 105 1945
Fanfare on motifs of Die Gurre-Lieder Arnold Schoenberg 1945
Himmels-Tür Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 84 2005
Komet Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 64 ex. 7 (1/2) Concrete 1999
Originale Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 12 (2/3) 1953 Incidental music
Kontakte Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 12 (1/2) 1960
Kreuzspiel Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 1/7 1951
Mittwoch-Formel Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 73 (1/2) 2004
Musik im Bauch Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 41 1975
Samstag aus Licht Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 51-54 1983 Opera
Strahlen Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 80 (1/2) 2002
Circles Luciano Berio 1960 Song(s)
Folk Songs Luciano Berio 1964 Song(s)
Chemins II Luciano Berio 1967
The Modification and Instrumentation of a Famous Hornpipe as a Merry and Altogether Sincere Homage to Uncle Alfred Luciano Berio 1969
Naturale Luciano Berio 1985
Polifonica – Monodia – Ritmica Luigi Nono 1951
Was ihr wollt Luigi Nono 1954
Cori di Didone Luigi Nono 1958
I turcs tal Friúl Luigi Nono 1976
Con Luigi Dallapiccola Luigi Nono 1979
Risonanze erranti. Liederzyklus a Massimo Cacciari Luigi Nono 1986
Quadrivium Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1969
Musica su due dimensioni (2) Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1952
Tre liriche greche Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1949 Song(s)
Requiem Bruno Maderna (Grossato) 1946 Requiem
Aïs Iannis Xenakis 1980
O-Mega Iannis Xenakis 1997
Medea Iannis Xenakis 1967
Chant des Soleils Iannis Xenakis 1983
Idmen A/Idmen B Iannis Xenakis 1985
Kassandra Iannis Xenakis 1987
La déesse Athéna Iannis Xenakis 1992
Palimpsest Iannis Xenakis 1979
Thalleïn Iannis Xenakis 1984
Plektó Iannis Xenakis 1993
Persephassa Iannis Xenakis 1969
Pléïades Iannis Xenakis 1978
ST/10, 1-080262 Iannis Xenakis 1962
Atrées Iannis Xenakis 1962
Dmaathen Iannis Xenakis 1976
Komboï Iannis Xenakis 1981
Khal Perr Iannis Xenakis 1983
Oophaa Iannis Xenakis 1989
Zythos Iannis Xenakis 1996
Psappha Iannis Xenakis 1975
Rebonds Iannis Xenakis 1988
"Stained-glass window and birds" Olivier Messiaen 1986
"The city on high" Olivier Messiaen 1987
Concerto da Camera Bohuslav Martinů H 285 1941 Concerto
Concertino for Cello, Winds, Percussion and Piano Bohuslav Martinů H 143 C Minor 1924 Concertino
Fanfares Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov 1889
Prélude–Percussion Francis Poulenc FP 9 1918 Prelude
Le gendarme incompris Francis Poulenc FP 20a 1921 Opera
Le gendarme incompris Francis Poulenc FP 20b 1921 Suite
Fanfare Francis Poulenc FP 52 1929 Fanfare
Suite française d’après Claude Gervaise Francis Poulenc FP 80 1935 French Suite
Haste to strike, oh longed for hour Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 53 E Major Sacred Cantata
Festmarsch Franz Liszt S. 357/1 1853
Samori Georg Joseph Vogler schv 175 Overture
Violin Concerto Ludwig Van Beethoven Op. 61 D Major 1806 Concerto
Te Deum II Franz Liszt S. 27 1859 Sacred choral
An den heiligen Franziskus von Paula Franz Liszt S. 28 E Major 1860 Religious work
The Lord preserveth the souls of his saints Franz Liszt S. 48 1875 Sacred choral
In domum Domini ibimus Franz Liszt S. 57 1884 Sacred choral
Nun danket alle Gott Franz Liszt S. 61 1883 Religious work
Carl August weilt mit uns Festgesang zur Enthüllung des Carl-August-Denkmals in Weimar Franz Liszt S. 92 1875
Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen (Ascension Oratorio) "Praise God in his kingdoms" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 11 1735 Oratorio
Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis "I had much affliction" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 21 C Minor 1713 Cantata
Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir "We thank thee, God, we thank thee" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 29 D Major 1731 Cantata
Der Himmel lacht, die Erde jubiliert "The Heaven laughs! The Earth rejoices" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 31 C Major 1715 Cantata
O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe "O eternal fire, o source of love" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 34 D Major 1726 Cantata
Jesu, nun sei gepreiset "O Jesus, now be praised" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 41 C Major 1725 Cantata
Gott fähret auf mit Jauchzen "God is gone up with Jubilation" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 43 1726 Cantata
Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten "Whoever loves me will keep my Word" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 59 C Major 1723 Cantata
Christen, ätzet diesen Tag "Christians, engrave this day" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 63 C Major 1714 Cantata
Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele "Praise the Lord, my soul" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 69a D Major 1723 Cantata
Gott ist mein König "God is my King" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 71 D Major 1708 Cantata
Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten "Whoever loves me will keep my Word" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 74 1725 Cantata
Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild "God the Lord is sun and shield" Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 79 G Major 1725 Cantata
Wiener Fanfare Richard Strauss TrV 287 1943
Festmusik der Stadt Wien Richard Strauss TrV 286 1943
Festival Fanfare for Brass and Timpani Richard Strauss TrV 224 1909
Fanfare zur Eröffnung der Musikwoche der Stadt Wien im September 1924 Richard Strauss TrV 250 1924
The Celestial Country Charles Ives 1902 Cantata
Psalm 135 Charles Ives 1902 Psalm
Divertimento #6 Divertimento No. 6 for mixed ensemble in C major Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 188 C Major 1733 Divertimento
Musik zu einem Ritterballet Ludwig Van Beethoven WoO 1 D Major 1790
Ode for orchestra Igor Stravinsky 1943 Elegy
Cantata misericordium Benjamin Britten BTC 1116 1963 Cantata
Triumphal March for Christoph Kuffner's tragedy Tarpeja Ludwig Van Beethoven WoO 2a C Major 1813
Allegretto Gratulations-Menuett Ludwig Van Beethoven WoO 3 E-flat Major 1822
Church Sonata #16 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 329/317a C Major 1779 Sonata
Church Sonata #14 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 278/271e C Major 1777 Sonata
No,no che non sei capace Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 419 1783 Aria
Schlagtrio Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 1/3 1952
Müßt' ich auch durch tausend Drachen Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 435/416b D Major 1783 Aria
Overture Orchestral Suite No.5 Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1070 G Minor Overture
Orchestral Suite No.3 (Overture) Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1068 D Major 1731 Suite
Wiener Philharmoniker Fanfare Richard Strauss TrV 248 E-flat Major 1924
Orchestral Suite No.4 (Overture) Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1069 D Major 1725 Suite
Divertimento #5 Divertimento No.5 ; 10 Stücke für Bläser und Pauken Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 187 C Major Divertimento
SInfonia Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1045 D Major 1746 Symphony
Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano and Timpani Bohuslav Martinů H 271 1938 Concerto
Airs pour le carrousel de Monseigneur Jean-Baptiste Lully LWV 72 1686
Deutsche Messe Gesänge zur Feier des heiligen Opfers der Messe (Songs for the celebration of the holy offering of the Mass) Franz Schubert D 872 1827 Mass
Hymn "Der 8. Psalm für Solostimme und Klavier" by Maximilian Stadler Franz Schubert D Anh. II/4 1823 Hymn
Aubade concerto choréographique Francis Poulenc FP 51 1929 Concerto
Concerto for organ, timpani and strings Francis Poulenc FP 93 G Minor 1938 Concerto
The Lover Jean Sibelius Op. 14 1912
Pelléas et Mélisande Jean Sibelius Op. 46 1905 Incidental music
Concerto Antonio Vivaldi RV 562a D Major Concerto
Symphonies Giovanni Battista Pergolesi payp 245
I giuochi d'Agrigento Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.84 variant 1 Opera
Symphonies François Joseph Gossec sacg 85
Saffo Simon Mayr allm a1 Opera
Telemaco nell'isola di Calipso Simon Mayr allm a4 Opera
Orfeo ed Euridice Christoph Willibald Gluck wotg 1a.30 Opera
L'amor marinaro Joseph Weigl graw ib.6 Opera
Un pazzo ne fa cento Simon Mayr allm a3 Opera
Kaiser Hadrian Joseph Weigl graw ia.6
L'uniforme Joseph Weigl graw ib.8 Opera
La Principessa d'Amalfi Joseph Weigl graw ib.3 Opera
Idamant Johann Heinrich Rolle wacr i:4 Oratorio
Achille Ferdinando Paer pawv 26 Opera
Hieronymus Knicker Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf kred 297
Hokus-Pokus Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf kred 300 Opera
Agnese Ferdinando Paer pawv 33 Opera
Ginevra degli Almieri Ferdinando Paer pawv 23 Opera
Il principe di Taranto Ferdinando Paer pawv 17 Opera
I giuochi d'Agrigento Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.83 Opera
Olinde et Sophronie Ferdinando Paer pawv 39 Opera
Der Betrug durch Aberglauben Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf kred 293
Der Kuss Franz Danzi pecd 7 Opera
Lazarus Johann Heinrich Rolle wacr i:14 Oratorio
Axur re d'Ormus Antonio Salieri bpi 5 Opera
Das Petermännchen Joseph Weigl graw ia.3
Paride ed Elena Christoph Willibald Gluck wotg 1a.39 Opera
Die Jahreszeiten Franz Joseph Haydn Hob. xxi:3 Oratorio
Le due gemelle Amilcare Ponchielli sirp 16 Ballet
Camilla Ferdinando Paer pawv 19 Opera
Il mondo della luna Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.65 Opera
Symphonies Johann Baptist Vanhal bryva c6
Il ritorno di Tobia Franz Joseph Haydn Hob. ia:2 Oratorio
I fuorusciti Ferdinando Paer pawv 27 Opera
L'eroismo in amore Ferdinando Paer pawv 37 Opera
Olimpiade Tommaso Traetta riet 30.1 Opera
L'intrigo amoroso Ferdinando Paer pawv 14 Opera
Symphonies Václav Pichl zakp 17
Symphonies Paul Wranitzky posv 11
Symphonies Johann Baptist Vanhal bryva d1b Sacred Song
Symphonies Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 118
Symphonies Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 123
Symphonies Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 121
Symphonies Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 122
Symphonies Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 119
Davids Sieg im Eichthale Johann Heinrich Rolle wacr i:5 Oratorio
Symphonies Franz Joseph Haydn Hob. i:53c''
Gustaf Adolph och Ebba Brahe Georg Joseph Vogler schv 136 Overture
Faruk Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 2 Opera
Et eventyr i rosenborg have Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 6
Festen på Kenilworth Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 8
Der Schlaftrunk Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse fogw 1
Variations Friedrich Ludwig Aemilius Kunzen KV 620
Overtures Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel stwv 131 Overture
Fiskarena Joseph Martin Kraus boek 39 Ballet
Symphonies Georg Joseph Vogler schv 208
Symphonies Paul Wranitzky posv 24
Symphonies Friedrich Wilhelm Haack graunwv d:xii:100
Symphonies Leopold Hofmann kimh d4
Symphonies Johann Friedrich Klöffler götk 7
Symphonies Johann Friedrich Klöffler götk 1
Symphonies Johann Friedrich Klöffler götk 4
Symphonies Franz Xaver Richter boer 50
Symphonies Franz Xaver Richter boer 72
Concertos Johan Helmich Roman benr t3.25 Concerto
Symphonies Carl Joseph Toeschi münt 40
Symphonies Carl Joseph Toeschi münt 11
Symphonies Carl Joseph Toeschi münt 35
Symphonies Carl Joseph Toeschi münt 41
Die Sieben Letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze Franz Joseph Haydn Hob. xx:2 Oratorio
Symphonies Paul Wranitzky Op. 17
Symphonies Joseph Schmitt duns 10
Symphonies Georg Anton Kreusser petk 27
Symphonies François Joseph Gossec sacg 78
Catone in Utica Arvid Niclas von Höpken wals 26 Overture
Symphonies Franz Anton Hoffmeister hich c2
Symphonies Simon Leduc brol 7
Symphonies Johann Baptist Vanhal bryva a2
Symphonies Franz Joseph Haydn Hob. i:53b''
Symphonies Johan Joachim Agrell shea d:111117
Symphonies Johan Joachim Agrell shea d:572111
Die beiden Schützen Albert Lortzing lowv 35
Christus durch Leiden verherrlicht Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb a1.10 Oratorio
Heil dir Luther Adolf Emil Büchner Op. 33, 1
Heil dir Luther Adolf Emil Büchner Op. [33, 1]
Symphonies Leopold Koželuh posk i:6
Symphonies Ignace Pleyel benp 126 Sonata
Jesu Freunde in Bethanien Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b4.5 Oratorio
Der Winter Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b4.3 Oratorio
Der Welterretter Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b2.7 Oratorio
Der Schach von Schiras Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf kred 305
Ugolino Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf kred 308
Il talismano Antonio Salieri angs 178 Opera
La passione di Gesù Cristo Francesco Morlacchi brum 107 Passion
Isacco figura del Redentore Francesco Morlacchi brum 108 Oratorio
Symphonies Francesco Morlacchi brum 215
Corradino Francesco Morlacchi brum 6 Opera
Raoul di Crequy Francesco Morlacchi brum 18 Opera
La Didone abbandonata Joseph Schuster otts d10 Opera
David Carl Gottlieb Reissiger fenr 1.15 Sacred Song
Creso in Media Joseph Schuster Hob. i: b|b6 Opera
Pauli Bekehrung Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b4.6 Oratorio
Die Ausgießung des Heiligen Geistes Johann Heinrich Rolle wacr iv:3 Oratorio
Psallite Deo vos populi omnes Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b4.96
Petite Dominum voce pia Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b4.74
Veni sancte spiritus Christian Gottlob August Bergt breb b4.83 Sacred Song
Hermanns Tod Johann Heinrich Rolle wacr i:10 Oratorio
Symphonies Václav Pichl zakp 19
Symphonies Václav Pichl zakp 21
Die sieben Schläfer Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe schl 46 Oratorio
Symphonies Andreas Jakob Romberg ster 17
Symphonies Andreas Jakob Romberg ster 7 Cantata
Overtures Bernhard Heinrich Romberg Op. 11 Overture
Symphonies Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda strk 7
Symphonies Franz Krommer padk i:5
Gedor Johann Heinrich Rolle wacr i:18 Oratorio
"From the canyons to the stars..." Olivier Messiaen 1974
Chôro #7 Settimino Heitor Villa-Lobos 1924
Mikrophonie I Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 15 1964
Prozession Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 23 1967
Hallowe'en Charles Ives S. 71 1914
Quartet for clarinet, horn, cello & side-drum Bohuslav Martinů H 139 C Major 1924 Quartet
Cocardes Francis Poulenc FP 16b 1939 Song(s)
Suite française d'après Claude Gervaise Francis Poulenc FP 103 G Minor 1939
Andromaca Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.90 Opera
Didone abbandonata Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.88 Opera
La locanda Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.83 version 2 Opera
Mantra Karlheinz Stockhausen Nr. 32 1970
Tempi concertanti Luciano Berio 1959
Serenade of Four Knights for One Lady Alexander Borodin 1870 Serenade
Jašek’s Song Bohuslav Martinů H 37 1911 Song(s)
Overture in the Italian Style Franz Schubert D 597 C Major 1817 Overture
Four Preludes Alexander Scriabin Op. 31 1903 Prelude
Elvira Giovanni Paisiello robp 1.87 Opera
La Rencontre imprévue Christoph Willibald Gluck wotg 1a.32 Opera
3 Fragments from Poems by Jan Kasprowicz Karol Szymanowski Op. 5 1902 Song(s)
Piano Concerto #5 Fantasia concertante Bohuslav Martinů H 366 B Major 1958 Concerto
Sonata for Flute, Violin and Piano Bohuslav Martinů H 254 1937 Sonata
Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano Bohuslav Martinů H 300 F Major 1944 Trio
Nocturne Bohuslav Martinů H 95 1915 Nocturne
For Dance Bohuslav Martinů H 158 1927
Seven Recitatives and Fugues Aram Khatchaturian 1966
Nyûyô Iannis Xenakis 1985
La Rencontre imprévue Christoph Willibald Gluck wotg 32 Opera