Usual Name Igor Stravinsky
Alternative Spellings Igor Fyodorovitch Stravinsky, Igor Strawinsky, Ígor Stravinski,
On Wikipedia Igor_stravinsky
Dedicated pieces Luciano Berio: Autre fois: berceuse canonique pour Igor Stravinsky
Maurice Ravel: Trois poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé, M. 64
Title Subname Catalogue Key Year Type
The Firebird 1910 Ballet
The Rite of Spring 1913 Ballet
The Soldier's Tale 1917 Incidental music
Petrushka 1911 Ballet
The Wedding 1923 Ballet
Pulcinella 1919 Ballet
Symphony Op. 1 E-flat Major 1913 Symphony
Scherzo fantastique Op. 3 B Major 1908 Scherzo
Fireworks Op. 4 1908 Scherzo
The Song of the Nightingale 1917 Symphonic Poem
The Nightingale 1914 Opera
Suite from Pulcinella 1920 Suite
Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments 1924 Concerto
Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra 1929 Caprice (Capriccio)
Violin Concerto 1931 Concerto
The Fox: burlesque tale sung and played 1916 Opéra-Ballet
Mavra 1922 Opera Buffa
Oedipus rex 1927 Oratorio
Persephone 1933 Opéra-Ballet
The Rake's Progress 1951 Opera
The Flood 1962 Opera
Funeral Song Op. 5 1908 Song(s)
Four Studies 1928
Three Pieces for String Quartet 1918
Étude pour pianola 1917
Danses concertantes 1942 Symphony Concertante
Concerto Dumbarton Oaks 8-v-1938 E-flat Major 1938 Symphony Concertante
Circus Polka: For a Young Elephant 1942 Ballet
Tarentella 1898 Tarantella
Scherzo G Minor 1902 Scherzo
Piano Sonata F-sharp Minor 1904 Sonata
Four Etudes Op. 7 1908 Study
Le sacre du printemps 1913
Valse des fleurs, for two pianos 1914 Waltz
Three Easy Pieces 1915
Souvenir d'une marche boche 1915
Five Easy Pieces 1917
Valse pour les enfants 1917 Waltz
Piano-Rag-Music 1919
Les cinq doigts 1921
Three Movements from Petrushka 1921
Piano Sonata 1924 Sonata
Serenade in A 1925 Serenade
Concerto for Two Solo Pianos 1935
Tango 1940
Sonata for Two Pianos 1943 Sonata
Two Sketches for a Sonata 1967
Scherzo à la russe 1944 Scherzo
Symphony in Three Movements 1945 Symphony
Concerto in D Basle D Major 1946 Symphony Concertante
The King of the Stars 1912 Secular choral
Pater Noster (Otche Nash) 1926 Sacred choral
Symphony of Psalms 1930 Choral Symphony
Mass 1948 Mass
Cantata 1952 Cantata
Canticum Sacrum 1955 Choral Symphony
Threni (id est Lamentationes Jeremiae Prophetae) 1958 Sacred choral
A Sermon, a Narrative and a Prayer 1961 Cantata
Requiem Canticles 1966 Requiem
Credo (Veruyu) 1932 Sacred choral
Ave Maria (Bogoroditse Dyevo) 1934 Sacred choral
Babel 1944 Sacred choral
The dove descending breaks the air 1962
Introitus 1965
Suite No. 2 for chamber orchestra 1921 Symphony
Suite No. 1 for chamber orchestra 1925 Symphony
The Fairy's Kiss 1928 Ballet
Divertimento (Suite from Le Baiser de la fée) 1934 Divertimento
Symphony in C 1940 Symphony
Apollo (Apollon musagète) 1928 Ballet
Agon 1957 Ballet
Orpheus Ballet
Card Game 1937 Ballet
Scènes de ballet 1944 Suite
Circus Polka for an orchestra 1944 Polka
Pastorale 1907
Pribaoutki 1914 Song(s)
Cat Lullabies 1915 Song(s)
Three Tales for Children 1917 Song(s)
Four Russian Peasant Songs 1917 Song(s)
Lullaby 1918
Four Russian Songs 1918 Song(s)
Petit ramusianum harmonique 1938 Song(s)
Abraham and Isaac 1963 Ballade
Elegy for J.F.K. 1964 Elegy
In Memoriam Dylan Thomas (Dirge-canons and song) 1954 Song(s)
The Owl and the Pussy-Cat 1966
Fanfare for a New Theatre 1964
Ballade 1933 Ballade
Lullaby 1926 Lullaby
Russian Song 1937
Duo Concertant 1932
Chants du rossignol et Marche chinoise 1932
Concertino 1920
Russian Dance 1932
Double Canon Raoul Dufy in Memoriam 1959 Quartet
Epitaphium 1959
The Rite of Spring (reduction) 1913
Lied ohne Name 1918 Lied
Lullaby 1960
Ragtime for Eleven Instruments 1918
Ragtime 1918
Suite de l'Histoire du Soldat, for violin, clarinet and piano 1919
Three Pieces for Clarinet 1919
Symphonies of Wind Instruments 1920 Symphony
Octet for wind instruments 1923 Octet
Suite on themes, fragments and pieces by Giambattista Pergolesi 1925 Suite
Suite italienne (from Pulcinella) 1934 Suite
Suite italienne (from Pulcinella), for cello and piano 1933 Suite
Praeludium for Jazz Band 1936
Praeludium, for piano 1936
Elegy 1944 Elegy
Ebony Concerto 1945 Concerto
Septet 1953 Septet
Concertino, for small ensemble 1952 Concertino
Monumentum pro Gesualdo da Venosa ad CD annum 1960 Symphony
Lullaby for Flute 1960 Lullaby
Pour Pablo Picasso, 1917
Canon for Two Horns 1917
Four Norwegian Moods 1942
Ode for orchestra 1943 Elegy
Tango for chamber orchestra 1953
Greeting Prelude for orchestra 1955
8 Instrumental Miniatures for 15 Players 1962
Variations 1964
Canon on a Popular Russian Tune 1965
Movements for Piano and Orchestra 1959 Concerto
The Storm Cloud 1902 Romance
Faun and Shepherdess Op. 2 1907
Two Melodies Op. 6 1908
Deux poèmes de Paul Verlaine Op. 9 1910
Deux poèmes de Paul Verlaine, for bariton and orchestra 1951
Two Poems of K. Balmont 1912
Two Poems of K. Balmont, for voice and small orchestra 1954
Three Japanese Lyrics (Trois poésies de la lyrique japonaise) 1913
Trois Petites Chansons 'Souvenirs de mon enfance', for voice and piano 1913
Trois Petites Chansons 'Souvenirs de mon enfance', for voice and small orchestra 1930
Three Songs from William Shakespeare 1953
Four Songs 1954
The firebird, reduction for piano 1910