Usual Name Olivier Messiaen
On Wikipedia Olivier_Messiaen
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Title Subname Catalogue Key Year Type
Vingt regards sur l'enfant-Jésus Twenty gazes/contemplations on the infant Jesus 1944
"The heavenly banquet" 1928
Préludes 1929 Prelude
"Diptych" 1930
"The death of numbers" 1930
"The forgotten offerings" 1930
Trois mélodies 1930 Song cycle
Le Tombeau Resplendissant 1931
"Apparition of the eternal church" 1932
Fantaisie burlesque 1932 Fantaisie
"Hymn to the Holy Sacrament" 1932 Hymn
"Theme and Variations" 1932 Theme and variations
"The Ascension" 1933
"The Lord's nativity" 1935
"Piece written as a memorial of Paul Dukas" 1935
Vocalise 1935 Etude
"Poems for Mi" 1936 Song cycle
O sacrum convivium! 1937 Motet
"Songs of earth and heaven" 1938 Song cycle
"Glorious bodies" 1939
"Quartet for the end of time" 1941 Quartet
Rondeau 1943 Rondo
"Visions of the Amen" 1943
"Three small liturgies of the Divine Presence" 1944 Religious work
"Twenty gazes on the Christ-child" 1944
"Harawi: Songs of love and death" 1944 Song cycle
Turangalîla-Symphonie 1948 Symphony
Cinq rechants 1948
Cantéyodjayâ 1949
"Pentecost mass" 1950 Mass
"Four studies in rhythm" 1950 Etude
"Blackbird" 1952
Livre d'orgue 1952
"Dawn chorus" 1953
"Exotic birds" 1956
"Bird catalogue" 1958
"Time-colour" 1960
"Verse for the festival of dedication" 1960
"Seven haikus" 1962
"Colours of the Celestial City" 1963
"And I await the resurrection of the dead" 1964
"The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ" 1969
"Meditations on the mystery of the Holy Trinity" 1969
"Garden warbler" 1970
"From the canyons to the stars..." 1974
"St Francis of Assisi" 1983 Opera
"Book of the Holy Sacrament" 1984 Church Music
"Small sketches of birds" 1985
"Stained-glass window and birds" 1986
"The city on high" 1987
"A smile" 1989
"Piece for piano and string quartet" 1991
"Illuminations on the beyond..." 1992
La dame de Shallott 1917
La banquet eucharistique 1928
Variations écossaises 1928 Variations
Mass 1933 Mass
Fantaisie 1933 Fantasy (Fantasia)
Fête des belles eaux 1937
Musique de scène pour un Œdipe 1942
Chant des déportés 1945 Song(s)
Timbres-durées Concrete 1952
Feuillets inedits
"Quadruple concerto" 1991 Concerto
"Subalpine warbler" 1961
A bird of the trees of life (Tui bird) 1988