Title Subname Composer Catalogue Key Year Type
Am Strande Alban Berg Song(s)
Winter Alban Berg Song(s)
Inno a Roma Giacomo Puccini Song(s)
Fraue, du Süsse Alban Berg Song(s)
Verlassen Alban Berg Song(s)
Regen Alban Berg Song(s)
Traurigkeit Alban Berg Song(s)
Hoffnung Alban Berg Song(s)
Flötenspielerin Alban Berg Song(s)
Spaziergang Alban Berg Song(s)
Siegsgesang für Freie Christoph Willibald Gluck Song(s)
Eure Weisheit Alban Berg Song(s)
So regnet es sich langsam ein Alban Berg Song(s)
Blütenmai herbei! Christoph Willibald Gluck Song(s)
Mignon Alban Berg Song(s)
La meunière Canzonetta Gioachino Rossini F Major Song(s)
Einem Bach der fließt Christoph Willibald Gluck Song(s)
Die Sorglichen Alban Berg Song(s)
In einem kühlen Grunde Christoph Willibald Gluck Song(s)
Six Early Songs Vincenzo Bellini Song(s)
Das stille Königreich Alban Berg Song(s)
Tre Ariette Vincenzo Bellini Song(s)
An Leukon Alban Berg Song(s)
Sei Ariette Vincenzo Bellini Song(s)
La Partenza Vicino è il crudo istante Gioachino Rossini F Minor Song(s)
Per pietà, bell'idol mio Vincenzo Bellini C Minor Song(s)
La separazione Melodia drammatica Gioachino Rossini D-flat Major Song(s)
La Veuve andalouse ! Chanson espagnole Gioachino Rossini Song(s)
La cigale et la fourmi Camille Saint-Saëns Song(s)
L'esule scena per basso Giuseppe Verdi Song(s)
I want you Erik Satie Song(s)
Au rossignol Charles Gounod Song(s)
La liberté éclairant le monde Charles Gounod Song(s)
L'aveu Charles Gounod Song(s)
3 songs Charles Gounod Song(s)
Repentir O Divine Redeemer Charles Gounod Song(s)
When the children pray Charles Gounod Song(s)
Le beau Charles Gounod Song(s)
La chanson du pécheur Charles Gounod Song(s)
Souvenir d'un bal Charles Gounod Song(s)
Easter eve Charles Gounod Song(s)
Óyeme Charles Gounod Song(s)
Amours sonnet Paul Dukas Song(s)
Patriotic Song Aram Khatchaturian Song(s)
"123" Charles Ives Song(s)
Canción del beso robado Alberto Ginastera Song(s)
Airplane Aram Khatchaturian Song(s)
Qui donc t'aimera mieux? Georges Bizet Song(s)
Pourquoi pleurer Georges Bizet Song(s)
Zwischen Weizen und Korn Arnold Schoenberg Song(s)
Herbstgefühl Alban Berg Song(s)
Spielleute Alban Berg Song(s)
Wo der Goldregen steht Alban Berg Song(s)
Lied der Schiffermädels Alban Berg Song(s)
Sehnsucht I Alban Berg Song(s)
Abschied Alban Berg Song(s)
Grenzen der Menschheit Alban Berg Song(s)
Vielgeliebte schöne Frau Alban Berg Song(s)
Sehnsucht II Alban Berg Song(s)
Sternefall Alban Berg Song(s)
Sehnsucht III Alban Berg Song(s)
Ich liebe dich! Alban Berg Song(s)
Ferne Lieder Alban Berg Song(s)
Ich will die Fluren meiden Alban Berg Song(s)
Geliebte Schöne Alban Berg Song(s)
Schattenleben Alban Berg Song(s)
Am Abend Alban Berg Song(s)
Vorüber! Alban Berg Song(s)
Schummerlose Nächte Alban Berg Song(s)
Es wandelt, was wir schauen Alban Berg Song(s)
Liebe Alban Berg Song(s)
Im Morgengrauen Alban Berg Song(s)
Grabschrift Alban Berg Song(s)
Traum Alban Berg Song(s)
Augenblicke Alban Berg Song(s)
Die Näherin Alban Berg Song(s)
Erster Verlust Alban Berg Song(s)
Süss sind mir die Schollen des Tales Alban Berg Song(s)
Er klagt das der Frühling so kortz blüht Alban Berg Song(s)
Tiefe Sehnsucht Alban Berg Song(s)
Über den Bergen Alban Berg Song(s)
From my tears Alexander Borodin 187 Song(s)
Non curo l'affetto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1771 Song(s)
Das Lied der Trennung Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV F Minor 1787 Song(s)
Canzonetta spagnuola En medio a mis colores Gioachino Rossini 1821 Song(s)
Les adieux à Rome Gioachino Rossini 1827 Song(s)
Schwäne kommen gezogen Clara Schumann (Wieck) 1830 Song(s)
Orage et beau temps Gioachino Rossini 1830 Song(s)
La passeggiata Gioachino Rossini 1831 Song(s)
La dichiarazione Gioachino Rossini 1834 Song(s)
Les soirées musicales Gioachino Rossini 1835 Song(s)
Nizza Canzonetta Gioachino Rossini E Minor 1836 Song(s)
Marie Stuart and Rizzio lyric scene Charles Gounod 1837 Song(s)
La vendetta lyric scene Charles Gounod 1838 Song(s)
Fernand lyric scene Charles Gounod 1839 Song(s)
La seduzione Giuseppe Verdi 1839 Song(s)
Guarda che bianca luna: notturno Giuseppe Verdi 1839 Song(s)
Le vallon Meditation Charles Gounod 1842 Song(s)
Le soir Charles Gounod 1842 Song(s)
L'âme délaissée Gioachino Rossini 1844 Song(s)
Il poveretto Giuseppe Verdi 1847 Song(s)
Francesca da Rimini Gioachino Rossini 1848 Song(s)
3 gemischte Chöre Clara Schumann (Wieck) 1848 Song(s)
L'Abandonée Giuseppe Verdi 1849 Song(s)
Chant de paix Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Les vacances Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Le jour des prix Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Le temps qui fuit et s'envole Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
La prière et l'étude: L'emploi de la journée Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
La récréation; L'écriture; L'arithmétique Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Fêtes des écoles Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
L'hiver Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
En ce doux asile Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
L'ange gardien Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Mon habit Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Six mélodies Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Deux vieux amis Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Les châteaux en Espagne Charles Gounod 1855 Song(s)
Why did you grow pale early Alexander Borodin 1855 Song(s)
The beautiful girl does not love me Alexander Borodin 1855 Song(s)
Listen to my song, my friends Alexander Borodin 1855 Song(s)
Thou lovely fisher-girl Alexander Borodin 1855 Song(s)
Rustic Song Modest Mussorgsky 1857 Song(s)
Mi lagnerò tacendo Gioachino Rossini C Major 1858 Song(s)
Quatre grands chœurs Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Chant des compagnons; Le vin des Gaulois et la danse de l'Épée Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Les pauvres du bon Dieu Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Chasse: Où sommes-nous? Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Vive l'Empereur! Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
La cigale et la fourmi Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Le corbeau et le renard Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Le rosier blanc Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Patte de velours Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
La jeune fille et la fauvette Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Un rêve Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
La distribution des prix Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Paraissez, roi des rois Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Reine des cieux Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
La géographie Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
L'action de grâce Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Le catéchisme Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Le bénédicité Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Où voulez-vous aller? Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Primavera Charles Gounod 1858 Song(s)
Longing of My Heart Modest Mussorgsky 1858 Song(s)
Tell Me Why Fair Maiden Modest Mussorgsky F-sharp Minor 1858 Song(s)
Leaves Rustled Sadly Modest Mussorgsky B-flat Minor 1859 Song(s)
What are Words of Love to You? Modest Mussorgsky D Minor 1860 Song(s)
L'âme de la morte Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
L'âme d'un ange Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
Chanson de printemps Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
Dans cette étable Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
Le Juif errant Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
Six mélodies enfantines Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
A une jeune Grecque Charles Gounod 1860 Song(s)
Ouvre ton cœur Georges Bizet 1860 Song(s)
Many Are My Palaces and Gardens Modest Mussorgsky 1863 Song(s)
Old Man's Song Modest Mussorgsky 1863 Song(s)
Tsar Saul Modest Mussorgsky B-flat Minor 1863 Song(s)
But If I Could Meet Thee Modest Mussorgsky G Major 1863 Song(s)
The Winds Blow, the Wild Winds Modest Mussorgsky C-sharp Minor 1864 Song(s)
Kalistrat Modest Mussorgsky F-sharp Minor 1864 Song(s)
Night Modest Mussorgsky F-sharp Minor 1864 Song(s)
Every Saturday Modest Mussorgsky 1864 Song(s)
A Grenade ! Ariette espagnole Gioachino Rossini 1864 Song(s)
6 melodies Charles Gounod 1864 Song(s)
8 melodies Charles Gounod 1864 Song(s)
Prayer Modest Mussorgsky B-flat Minor 1865 Song(s)
Medjé Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Solitude Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Stances Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Crépuscule Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Au printemps Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
A une bourse Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
A une jeune fille Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Envoi de fleurs Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Donne-moi cette fleur Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Départ Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
Boire à l'ombre Charles Gounod 1865 Song(s)
The Outcast [Woman] Modest Mussorgsky 1865 Song(s)
Cradle Song Modest Mussorgsky 1865 Song(s)
Sleep, go to sleep, peasant son Modest Mussorgsky 1865 Song(s)
Little One Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
Desire Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
From My Tears Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
Darling Savishna Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
Ah, You Drunken Sot Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
The Seminarist Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
Yaryoma's Song Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
Where Art Thou, Little Star? Modest Mussorgsky 1866 Song(s)
The Joyous Hour Modest Mussorgsky A Major 1866 Song(s)
Les lèvres closes Emmanuel Chabrier 1867 Song(s)
Hebrew Song Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
Magpie Whitesides Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
Gathering Mushrooms Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
or The Feast Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
or The Ragamuffin Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
A Society Tale (The Goat) Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
A Garden by the Don Blooms Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
The Classicist Modest Mussorgsky 1867 Song(s)
The Sleeping Princess Alexander Borodin 1867 Song(s)
"Sins of Old Age" Gioachino Rossini 1868 Song(s)
Gopak Modest Mussorgsky 1868 Song(s)
The Orphan Modest Mussorgsky 1868 Song(s)
Yeryomushka's Lullaby Modest Mussorgsky 1868 Song(s)
A Child's Song Modest Mussorgsky 1868 Song(s)
My songs are full of poison Alexander Borodin 1868 Song(s)
The Sea Princess Alexander Borodin 1868 Song(s)
Song of the Dark Woods (Old song) Alexander Borodin 1868 Song(s)
The False Note Alexander Borodin 1868 Song(s)
Stornello Giuseppe Verdi 1869 Song(s)
20 melodies Charles Gounod 1869 Song(s)
L'aurore s'allume Gabriel Fauré 1870 Song(s)
Absence Charles Gounod 1870 Song(s)
Chantez Noël Charles Gounod 1870 Song(s)
Je ne puis espérer Charles Gounod 1870 Song(s)
La paquerette Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Chanter et souffrir Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Mignon Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Le souvenir Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Queen of love Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
The daisy Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Boléro Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Good night Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
It is not always May Charles Gounod 1871 Song(s)
Oh, happy home! Oh, blessed flower! Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
The fountains mingle with the river Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
There is dew Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Woes me! Woes me! Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
The Royal Albert Hall Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Le pays bien heureux: Question d'enfant Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Perche piangi? Cantilena Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Prière du soir Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Quanti mai Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Si vous n'ouvrez votre fenêtre Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Biondina Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Heureux sera le jour Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
La fauvette Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
La fleur du foyer Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Maid of Athens. Virgine d'Atene/Vierge d'Athène Charles Gounod 1872 Song(s)
Loin du pays Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
My beloved spake Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
The Worker Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
L'ouvrier lyric scene Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Peacefully slumber Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Comeio son poeta Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Siam iti l'altro giorno Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Sotto un cappello rosa Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Welcome to skye Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Stances à la mémoire de Livingstone Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Le matin Georges Bizet G Minor 1873 Song(s)
Blessed is the man Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Chidiock Tichborne Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Ella è malaia Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
E le campane hanno suonato Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Entreat me not to leave thee Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
E stati, alquanto Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Ha qualche tempo Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
L'ho accompagnata Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Ho messo nuove corde al mandolino Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Ier fu mandata Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
If thou art sleeping, maiden, awake Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Invocation Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Le labbra ella compose Charles Gounod 1873 Song(s)
Forgotten Modest Mussorgsky 1874 Song(s)
Evil Death (The Epitaph) Modest Mussorgsky 1874 Song(s)
Nettle Mountain Modest Mussorgsky 1874 Song(s)
Sur la montagne Charles Gounod 1874 Song(s)
A la Madone Charles Gounod 1874 Song(s)
Aimons-nous Charles Gounod 1874 Song(s)
Summer Night Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev A-flat Major 1874 Song(s)
Les filles de Cadix Léo Delibes 1874 Song(s)
With Treachery the Servant Slew the Paladin Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev B-flat Minor 1874 Song(s)
Lullaby Modest Mussorgsky 1875 Song(s)
The Misunderstood One Modest Mussorgsky 1875 Song(s)
En avant Charles Gounod 1875 Song(s)
Mon amour a mon cœur Charles Gounod 1875 Song(s)
Viens, les gazons sont verts Charles Gounod 1875 Song(s)
Prend garde Charles Gounod 1876 Song(s)
Prière Charles Gounod 1876 Song(s)
Compliment Charles Gounod 1876 Song(s)
Ma fille, souviens-toi Charles Gounod 1876 Song(s)
A toi, mon cœur! Charles Gounod 1876 Song(s)
L'absent Charles Gounod 1876 Song(s)
Not Like Thunder From Heaven Modest Mussorgsky 1877 Song(s)
Softly the Spirit Flew up to Heaven Modest Mussorgsky 1877 Song(s)
Pride Modest Mussorgsky 1877 Song(s)
Is It an Honor for a Young Man to Weave Flax? Modest Mussorgsky 1877 Song(s)
It Scatters and Breaks Modest Mussorgsky 1877 Song(s)
Vive la France! Charles Gounod 1877 Song(s)
3 Songs (1877) Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev 1877 Song(s)
Lilas Ernest Chausson 1877 Song(s)
The Wanderer Modest Mussorgsky 1878 Song(s)
La chanson du patre Charles Gounod 1878 Song(s)
La reine du matin Charles Gounod 1878 Song(s)
Rêverie Charles Gounod 1878 Song(s)
Jesus à la crèche Noël Charles Gounod 1878 Song(s)
15 children's melodies Charles Gounod 1878 Song(s)
Le petit sentier Ernest Chausson 1878 Song(s)
Mephistopheles' Song in Auerbach's Cellar (Song of the Flea) Modest Mussorgsky 1879 Song(s)
Un ramo de violetas Isaac Albéniz 1879 Song(s)
L'albatros Ernest Chausson E-flat Minor 1879 Song(s)
Le rideau de ma voisine Ernest Chausson 1879 Song(s)
On the Dnieper Modest Mussorgsky 1879 Song(s)
Mélancolie Rêverie Charles Gounod 1880 Song(s)
A Voice in the Forest Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev A-flat Major 1880 Song(s)
Five Russian Folksongs Modest Mussorgsky 1880 Song(s)
Les Papillons Claude Debussy 1881 Song(s)
For the shores of your far homeland Alexander Borodin 1881 Song(s)
To the people at home Alexander Borodin 1881 Song(s)
Arabian melody Alexander Borodin 1881 Song(s)
3 Songs (1882) Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev 1882 Song(s)
Tu m'aimes: Réponse de Medjé Charles Gounod 1882 Song(s)
Elle sait Charles Gounod 1882 Song(s)
Ce que je suis sans toi Charles Gounod 1882 Song(s)
Chant des sauveteurs bretons Charles Gounod 1882 Song(s)
Pauvre Braga, charmant garçon! Charles Gounod 1882 Song(s)
Air de Clytemnestre Paul Dukas 1882 Song(s)
Forty Folksongs Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov 1882 Song(s)
Nous nous aimerons Ernest Chausson 1882 Song(s)
La chanson de la glu Charles Gounod 1883 Song(s)
Dernières volontés Charles Gounod 1883 Song(s)
Les deux pigeons Charles Gounod 1883 Song(s)
A Cécile Charles Gounod 1883 Song(s)
Quand l'enfant prie Charles Gounod 1883 Song(s)
Storiella d’amore Giacomo Puccini 1883 Song(s)
The Sea Heaves Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev E Major 1884 Song(s)
Chanson de Barberine Paul Dukas 1884 Song(s)
L'ondine et le pêcheur Paul Dukas 1884 Song(s)
Le mort maudit Ernest Chausson 1884 Song(s)
The Sea Alexander Borodin 1884 Song(s)
Songs of a Wayfarer Gustav Mahler 1885 Song(s)
La couronne des reines Charles Gounod 1885 Song(s)
Les adieux à la maison Charles Gounod 1885 Song(s)
Blessures Charles Gounod 1885 Song(s)
Voix d'Alsace-Lorraine Charles Gounod 1885 Song(s)
Le temps des roses Charles Gounod 1885 Song(s)
Pride Alexander Borodin 1885 Song(s)
The Magic Garden Alexander Borodin 1885 Song(s)
Aria di camera Charles Gounod 1886 Song(s)
Dieu partout Charles Gounod 1886 Song(s)
Le travail béni Charles Gounod 1886 Song(s)
La fête des couronnes Charles Gounod 1886 Song(s)
Epithalame Ernest Chausson 1886 Song(s)
Elégie Erik Satie 1887 Song(s)
3 mélodies Erik Satie 1887 Song(s)
Chanson Erik Satie 1887 Song(s)
Le temps qui fuit Charles Gounod 1887 Song(s)
Vincenette Charles Gounod 1887 Song(s)
Gliding, down the river boat song Charles Gounod 1887 Song(s)
To Adèle Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev A Major 1887 Song(s)
Passiflora Charles Gounod 1888 Song(s)
Six Songs on French texts Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1888 Song(s)
Hymne à la nuit Charles Gounod 1889 Song(s)
Adieu d'un jeune poète à la vie Florent Schmitt 1890 Song(s)
En prière Gabriel Fauré 1890 Song(s)
Aubade à la fiancee Charles Gounod 1890 Song(s)
To Her Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev A-flat Major 1890 Song(s)
At the Gates of the Holy Cloister Sergei Rachmaninov 1890 Song(s)
Bout de Spleen Florent Schmitt 1891 Song(s)
Guitarre galante Florent Schmitt 1891 Song(s)
Mélancholie Florent Schmitt 1891 Song(s)
A la nuit Charles Gounod 1891 Song(s)
C'etait en Avril Sergei Rachmaninov 1891 Song(s)
Dusk was Falling Sergei Rachmaninov 1891 Song(s)
Nothing Shall I Say You Sergei Rachmaninov 1891 Song(s)
Two Boris monologues Sergei Rachmaninov 1891 Song(s)
Soirée mondaine Florent Schmitt 1892 Song(s)
Bonjour Biqui, Bonjour! Erik Satie 1893 Song(s)
Chant de neige Florent Schmitt 1893 Song(s)
Tout l'univers obéit a l'amour Charles Gounod 1893 Song(s)
Einst hat vor deines Vaters Haus Arnold Schoenberg 1893 Song(s)
In hellen Träumen hab ich Dich oft geschaut Arnold Schoenberg 1893 Song(s)
In hellen Träumen hab' ich dich oft geschaut Arnold Schoenberg 1893 Song(s)
Drüben geht die Sonne scheiden Arnold Schoenberg 1893 Song(s)
Canon Charles Ives 1893 Song(s)
Song of the Disenchanted Sergei Rachmaninov 1893 Song(s)
Do you Remember the Evening? Sergei Rachmaninov 1893 Song(s)
Song for Harvest Season Charles Ives 1893 Song(s)
The Flower Died Sergei Rachmaninov 1893 Song(s)
Again you are Bestirred, my Heart Sergei Rachmaninov 1893 Song(s)
Pietà Signor Giuseppe Verdi 1894 Song(s)
Das zerbrochene Krüglein Arnold Schoenberg 1894 Song(s)
Daß gestern eine Wespe Arnold Schoenberg 1894 Song(s)
Juble, schöne junge Rose Arnold Schoenberg 1894 Song(s)
Warum bist du aufgewacht Arnold Schoenberg 1894 Song(s)
Song of the Nightingale Sergei Rachmaninov 1894 Song(s)
Epistole à l'ami Dumoulin Florent Schmitt 1895 Song(s)
Frédégonde Florent Schmitt 1895 Song(s)
Daß schon die Maienzeit vorüber Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Der Pflanze, die dort über dem Abgrund schwebt Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Du kehrst mir den Rücken Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Einsam bin ich und alleine Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Gott grüß dich, Marie Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Ich grüne wie die Weide grünt Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Im Fliederbusch ein Vöglein saß Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Könnt' ich zu dir, mein Licht Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Mein Schatz ist wie ein Schneck Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Nur das tut mir so bitterweh' Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Vergißmeinnicht Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Zweifler Arnold Schoenberg 1895 Song(s)
Songs My Mother Taught Me Charles Ives 1895 Song(s)
Waltz Charles Ives 1895 Song(s)
To Nellie: six songs Isaac Albéniz 1896 Song(s)
Laugh at Loving Isaac Albéniz 1896 Song(s)
Soir d'automne Charles Gounod 1896 Song(s)
Erste Lieder Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Lied der Schnitterin Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Mein Herz, das ist ein tiefer Schacht Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Mädchenlied [Geibel] Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Sehnsucht Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Sieben Lieder Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Prayer Nikolai Medtner 1896 Song(s)
In the Alley Charles Ives 1896 Song(s)
12 erste Lieder Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Waldesnacht, du wunderkühle Arnold Schoenberg 1896 Song(s)
Chanson de Barberine Isaac Albéniz 1897 Song(s)
Deux morceaux de prose de Pierre Loti Isaac Albéniz 1897 Song(s)
The Gifts of the Gods Isaac Albéniz 1897 Song(s)
Il en est de l'amour Isaac Albéniz 1897 Song(s)
Ekloge Arnold Schoenberg 1897 Song(s)
Vorfrühling Arnold Schoenberg 1897 Song(s)
Dreams Charles Ives 1897 Song(s)
Duftreich ist die Erde Arnold Schoenberg 1897 Song(s)
Aprilwind, alle Knospen Arnold Schoenberg 1897 Song(s)
Mädel, lass das Stricken Arnold Schoenberg 1897 Song(s)
Memories: (a) Very Pleasant (b) Rather Sad Charles Ives 1897 Song(s)
Amphion Charles Ives 1897 Song(s)
Radegonde Florent Schmitt 1898 Song(s)
Auf den Knien Arnold Schoenberg 1898 Song(s)
Marins dévots à la Vierge Ernest Chausson 1898 Song(s)
Chanson de Florian Charles Ives 1898 Song(s)
In Summerfields Charles Ives 1898 Song(s)
A Christmas Carol Charles Ives F Major 1898 Song(s)
Un dîner à l'Elysée Erik Satie 1899 Song(s)
Callirhoé Florent Schmitt 1899 Song(s)
Im Reich der Liebe Arnold Schoenberg 1899 Song(s)
Schmerz Arnold Schoenberg 1899 Song(s)
Qu'il M'irait bien Charles Ives 1899 Song(s)
Ich Grolle Nicht Charles Ives 1899 Song(s)
Sie trug den Becher in der Hand Arnold Schoenberg 1899 Song(s)
Naught that Country Charles Ives 1899 Song(s)
Du musst nicht meinen Arnold Schoenberg 1899 Song(s)
The World's Wanderers Charles Ives 1899 Song(s)
Were you Hiccupping? Sergei Rachmaninov 1899 Song(s)
Night Sergei Rachmaninov 1899 Song(s)
Le veuf Erik Satie 1900 Song(s)
Conseil tenu par les rats Isaac Albéniz 1900 Song(s)
In langen Jahren büßen wir Arnold Schoenberg 1900 Song(s)
Mädchenlied [Heyse] Arnold Schoenberg 1900 Song(s)
Gruss in die Ferne Arnold Schoenberg 1900 Song(s)
My Native Land Charles Ives 1900 Song(s)
When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies Charles Ives 1900 Song(s)
I Travelled Among Unknown Men Charles Ives 1901 Song(s)
An old Flame Charles Ives 1901 Song(s)
8 Brettllieder Arnold Schoenberg 1901 Song(s)
Song from the army collection Arzunkner Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov 1901 Song(s)
Rückert-Lieder Gustav Mahler 1902 Song(s)
Bogumil Zepler "Mädchenreigen" Arnold Schoenberg 1902 Song(s)
Rough Wind Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Mirage Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
There is a Lane love Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Harpalus Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Elegie Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Rosamunde Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Weil' auf mir Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
The Old Mother Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Omens and Oracles Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Marie Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Forward into the Light Charles Ives 1902 Song(s)
Six Songs Isaac Albéniz 1903 Song(s)
The Caterpillar Isaac Albéniz 1903 Song(s)
Ilmenau (Over All the Treetops) Charles Ives 1903 Song(s)
Tarrant Moss Charles Ives 1903 Song(s)
Gedenken Arnold Schoenberg 1903 Song(s)
Allegro Charles Ives 1903 Song(s)
Deinem Blick mich zu bequemen Arnold Schoenberg 1903 Song(s)
Petit recueil des fêtes Erik Satie 1904 Song(s)
J'avais un ami Chanson de cabaret Erik Satie 1904 Song(s)
Les bons mouvements Erik Satie 1904 Song(s)
Douceur d'oublier Erik Satie 1904 Song(s)
The Diva of the Empire Cabaret Song Erik Satie 1904 Song(s)
Rosenglaube Arnold Schoenberg 1904 Song(s)
Belle meunière Florent Schmitt 1904 Song(s)
Eight Early Songs Anton Webern 1904 Song(s)
Three Songs Anton Webern 1904 Song(s)
Canto d'anime Giacomo Puccini 1904 Song(s)
Songs on the Death of Children Gustav Mahler 1904 Song(s)
L'omnibus automobile Chanson de cabaret Erik Satie B-flat Major 1905 Song(s)
At the Doctor's Chanson de cabaret Erik Satie C Major 1905 Song(s)
Allons-y Chochotte Erik Satie F Major 1905 Song(s)
Guajira Chant populaire cubain Isaac Albéniz 1905 Song(s)
Chanson médiévale Erik Satie 1906 Song(s)
Art thou gone for ever, Elaine ? Isaac Albéniz 1906 Song(s)
The Cage Charles Ives 1906 Song(s)
Karen Charles Ives 1906 Song(s)
Where the Eagle Cannot See Charles Ives 1906 Song(s)
Seven Early Songs Alban Berg 1907 Song(s)
Trois mélodies sans paroles Erik Satie 1907 Song(s)

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