The Symphony in C major by German composer Robert Schumann was published in 1847 as his Symphony No. 2, Op. 61, although it was the third symphony he had completed, counting the B-flat major symphony published as No. 1 in 1841, and the original version of his D minor symphony of 1841 (later revised and published as No. 4).

Date of composition 1846 (1845-1846)
Premiered 1846, November 5th in Leipzig, Germany
First published 1847, Whistling in Leipzig, Germany
Type Symphony
Tonality C Major
Catalogue Op. 61
Approx. duration 34 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
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Autotranslations beta Robert Schumann: Symphonie n°2 en do majeur, Op. 61
Robert Schumann: Sinfonia n. 2 in do maggiore, Op. 61
Robert Schumann: Sinfonie Nr. 2 C-dur, Op. 61