Les francs-juges, Op. 3. Composed 1826. The overture to Berlioz's first attempt at opera, which was never staged. The overture was first performed in the concert hall of the Paris Conservatoire as part of an all Berlioz concert on 26 May 1828. In his study on the composer, Jacques Barzun describes the work as "a genuine tour de force for a young dramatic musician working without knowledge of Beethoven."

Original Name Le corsaire
Date of composition 1844 (rev. 1851)
Premiered 1854, April 8th in Brunswick, GA, United States
First published 1855
Dedicated to James William Davison
Type Overture
Tonality C Major
Catalogue H 101B
Approx. duration 10 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Hector Berlioz: The Corsair en do majeur, H 101B
Hector Berlioz: The Corsair in do maggiore, H 101B
Hector Berlioz: The Corsair C-dur, H 101B