Messe solennelle is a setting of the Catholic Solemn Mass by the French composer Hector Berlioz. It was written in 1824, when the composer was twenty, and first performed at the Church of Saint-Roch in Paris on 10 July 1825, and again at the Church of Saint-Eustache in 1827. After this, Berlioz claimed to have destroyed the entire score, except for the "Resurrexit", but in 1991 a Belgian schoolteacher, Frans Moors, came across a copy of the work in an organ gallery in Antwerp, and it has since been revived.

Date of composition 1824 (revised in 1825)
Premiered 1825, July 10th (Church of Saint-Roch) in Paris, France
First published 1994
Type Missa
Tonality G Minor
Catalogue H 20
Approx. duration 55 minutes
Spoken language Latin
Instruments Voice (Soprano)
Voice (Tenor)
Voice (Bass)
Chorus/Choir - Mixed Chorus ;
Autotranslations beta Hector Berlioz: Messe solennelle en sol mineur, H 20
Hector Berlioz: Messe solennelle in sol minore, H 20
Hector Berlioz: Messe solennelle g-moll, H 20