The symphony was conceived as a popular piece and proved an instant success in Russia—his greatest, in fact, since the Leningrad Symphony fifteen years earlier. The work's popular success, as well as its earning him a Lenin Prize in April 1958, marked the composer's formal rehabilitation from the Zhdanov Doctrine of 1948.

Date of composition 1957
Premiered 1957, October 30th
Type Symphony
Tonality G Minor
Catalogue Op. 103
Approx. duration 60 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
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Autotranslations beta Dmitri Chostakovitch: Symphonie n°11 en sol mineur, Op. 103 "The Year 1905"
Dmitrij Šostakovič: Sinfonia n. 11 in sol minore, Op. 103 "The Year 1905"
Dmitri Dmitrijewitsch Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 11 g-moll, Op. 103 "The Year 1905"