Atys (Attis) is a tragédie en musique, a type of early French opera, in a prologue and five acts by Jean-Baptiste Lully to a libretto by Philippe Quinault based on Ovid's Fasti. It was premiered on 10 January 1676 by Lully's Académie Royale de Musique (Paris Opera) for the royal court at the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and was first performed in public in April at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in Paris. Although this opera was met with indifference by the Parisian audience, it became known as "the king's opera" because of King Louis XIV's love for it. It was repeated for Louis XIV in 1678 and 1682.

Original Name Atys
Librettist Philippe Quinault (Based on "Fasti" by Ovid)
Date of composition 1676
Premiered 1676, January 10th (Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye) in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
Type Tragédie en musique (Musical Tragedy)
Catalogue LWV 53
Approx. duration 170 minutes
Spoken language French
Instruments Silent Role - Le Temps, God of Time
Voice (Soprano) - Flore, a goddess
Voice (Soprano) - Melpomène, the tragic Muse
Voice (Soprano) - Iris, a goddess
Voice (Haute-contre) - A Zephyr
Voice (Haute-contre) - Atys, relative of Sangaride and favourite of Celænus
Voice (Soprano) - Sangaride, nymph, daughter of the River Sangarius
Voice (Soprano) - Cybèle, a goddess
Voice (Baritone) - Celænus, King of Phrygia and son of Neptune, in love with Sangaride
Voice (Bass) - Idas, friend of Attis and brother of Doris
Voice (Soprano) - Doris, nymph, friend of Sangaride, sister of Idas
Voice (Soprano) - Melisse, confidante and priestess of Cybele
Voice (Haute-contre) - Le Sommeil, God of Sleep
Voice (Haute-contre) - Morphée, son of Sleep
Voice (Baritone) - Phobétor, son of Sleep
Voice (Tenor) - Phantase, son of Sleep
Voice (Bass) - The God of the River Sangar (Sangarius), father of Sangaride
Silent Role - Alecton, a Fury
Chorus/Choir - Chorus and Ballet - The Hours of the Day and Night, nymphs who follow Flora, four little zephyrs, heoes who follow Melpomene; Phrygians; followers of Celænus, zephyrs, people attending the celebration of Cybele; Pleasant Dreams, Baleful Dreams; gods of t
Autotranslations beta Jean-Baptiste Lully: Attis, LWV 53
Jean-Baptiste Lully: Attis, LWV 53
Jean-Baptiste Lully: Attis, LWV 53