The Gymnopédies (French pronunciation: ?[ʒim.nɔ.pe.di]), or Trois Gymnopédies, are three piano compositions written by French composer and pianist Erik Satie. He completed the whole set by 2 April 1888, however they were at first published individually: the first and the third in 1888, the second in 1895.

Tempo Lent et douloureux
Date of composition 1888
First published 1888
Type Gymnopédie
Tonality D Major
Approx. duration 4 minutes
Instruments Piano
In listings Famous Works
Autotranslations beta Erik Satie: Gymnopédie n°1 en ré majeur
Erik Satie: Gymnopédie n. 1 in re maggiore
Erik Satie: Gymnopédie Nr. 1 D-dur