Handel came to the city of Hamburg in the summer of 1703 and played as a violinist in the theatre at the Gänsemarkt, the local market place. On later occasions, he also played the harpsichord in the orchestra. His first opera – announced as a Singspiel although it has no spoken dialogue – was premiered on 8 January 1705, after being composed in the months directly preceding this.

Original Name Almira, Königin von Castilien
Librettist Giulio Pancieri (Venice in 1691). German translation by Christian Feustking
Date of composition 1703
Premiered 1705, January 8th (Oper am Gänsemarkt) in Hamburg, Germany
Type Opera
Catalogue HWV 1
Approx. duration 160 minutes
Spoken language German
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Soprano) - Almira, Queen of Castilia
Voice (Soprano) - Edilia, a Princess
Voice (Soprano) - Bellante, Princess of Aranda
Voice (Bass) - Consalvo, Almira's guardian
Voice (Tenor) - Osman, Consalvo's son
Voice (Tenor) - Fernando, an orphan
Voice (Bass) - Raymondo, King of Mauretania
Voice (Tenor) - Tabarco
Autotranslations beta Georg Friedrich Haendel: Almira, HWV 1
Georg Friedrich Händel: Almira, HWV 1
Georg Friedrich Händel: Almira, HWV 1