The work may have been used as a model by Edvard Grieg in composing his own Piano Concerto, also in A minor. Grieg's concerto, like Schumann's, employs a single powerful orchestral chord at its introduction before the piano's entrance with a similar descending flourish. Sergei Rachmaninoff in turn used Grieg's concerto as a model for his first Piano Concerto.

Date of composition 1845
Premiered 1846, January 1st by Clara Schumann (Wieck)
First published 1846
Type Concerto
Tonality A Minor
Catalogue Op. 54
Approx. duration 30 minutes
Instruments Piano
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Autotranslations beta Robert Schumann: Concerto pour piano en la mineur, Op. 54
Robert Schumann: Concerto per pianoforte in la minore, Op. 54
Robert Schumann: Konzert für Klavier a-moll, Op. 54