Although he had made some "symphonic attempts" in the autumn of 1840 soon after he married Clara Wieck, he did not compose his first symphony until early 1841. Until then, Schumann was largely known for his works for the piano and for voice. Clara encouraged him to write symphonic music, noting in her diary, "it would be best if he composed for orchestra; his imagination cannot find sufficient scope on the piano... His compositions are all orchestral in feeling... My highest wish is that he should compose for orchestra—that is his field! May I succeed in bringing him to it!"

Date of composition 1841
Premiered 1841, March 31st in Leipzig, Germany by Felix Mendelssohn
First published 1841, Breitkopf und Härtel in Leipzig, Germany
Type Symphony
Tonality B-flat Major
Catalogue Op. 38
Approx. duration 30 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Robert Schumann: Symphonie n°1 en si bémol majeur, Op. 38
Robert Schumann: Sinfonia n. 1 in si bemolle maggiore, Op. 38
Robert Schumann: Sinfonie Nr. 1 B-dur, Op. 38