Symphony No. 7 is the name given to a four-movement symphony in E major (D 729) drafted by Franz Schubert in August 1821. Although the work (which comprises about 1350 bars ) is structurally complete, Schubert only orchestrated the slow introduction and the first 110 bars of the first movement. The rest of the work is, however, continued on 14-stave score pages as a melodic line with occasional basses or counterpoints, giving clues as to changes in orchestral texture.

Date of composition 1821
Type Symphony
Tonality E Major
Catalogue D 729
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Franz Schubert: Symphonie n°7 en mi majeur, D 729
Franz Schubert: Sinfonia n. 7 in mi maggiore, D 729
Franz Schubert: Sinfonie Nr. 7 E-dur, D 729