The second movement is a theme with five variations in E♭ major, Schubert's only set of symphonic variations. Although there is some variation in the melody, the primary focus of the variations are on instrumentation and tone color. The first variation features violins and winds. The second variation passes the theme between the low strings and the woodwinds. The third variation is again violins and winds. The fourth variation is in C minor and features some acceleration with the use triplet-sixteenth notes. The fifth variation maintains the triplet-sixteenths, but they move into the background with the melody returning close to its original form as a kind of recapitulation. A coda concludes the movement.

Date of composition 1814 (1814-1815)
First published 1884
Type Symphony
Tonality B Major
Catalogue D 125
Approx. duration 35 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Franz Schubert: Symphonie n°2 en si majeur, D 125
Franz Schubert: Sinfonia n. 2 in si maggiore, D 125
Franz Schubert: Sinfonie Nr. 2 H-dur, D 125