The Symphony No. 79 in F major, Hoboken 1/79, is a symphony by Joseph Haydn. It was composed in 1784. The 79th Symphony is characterized by a strong and joyful opening theme as well as varied rhythms throughout all four movements, especially in the minuet. The wind section alternated throughout the symphony either doubling the string section, enriching the tempo and solos void of virtuosity. Of note are long rests which were uncommon in early classical symphonies.

Date of composition 1784
Type Symphony
Tonality F Major
Catalogue Hob. I:79
Approx. duration 25 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Joseph Haydn: Symphonie n°79 en fa majeur, Hob. I:79
Franz Joseph Haydn: Sinfonia n. 79 in fa maggiore, Hob. I:79
Joseph Haydn: Sinfonie Nr. 79 F-dur, Hob. I:79