The symphony was one of a series of six symphonies commissioned in 1784 by the Concerts de la Loge Olympique, a popular concert subscription in Paris (hence the name for the series as a whole). Like the other Paris symphonies, Symphony no. 84 was written for the largest orchestral ensemble that Haydn had written for up until that time, including reinforced woodwind parts and a large string section. Unlike the other Paris symphonies (save No. 87), in No. 84 greater "prominence [is] given to woodwind instruments." Despite its number, the symphony was actually one of the last of the six Paris symphonies to be composed. It was completed in 1786.

Date of composition 1786
Type Symphony
Tonality E-flat Major
Catalogue Hob. I:84
Approx. duration 22 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Joseph Haydn: Symphonie n°84 en mi bémol majeur, Hob. I:84 "In nomine Domini"
Franz Joseph Haydn: Sinfonia n. 84 in mi bemolle maggiore, Hob. I:84 "In nomine Domini"
Joseph Haydn: Sinfonie Nr. 84 Es-dur, Hob. I:84 "In nomine Domini"