Grigori Kozintsev had been a founder member of the Russian avant-garde artist group The Factory of the Eccentric Actor (FEKS), whose ideas were closely related to Dadaism and Futurism. In 1923 he had been planning to perform Hamlet as a pantomime in the experimental manner of FEKS, but the plan was not put into effect, and Kozintsev's energies shifted into the cinema. However, he returned to the theatre in 1941 with a Leningrad production of King Lear. Then, in 1954 Kozintsev directed a stage production of Hamlet at the Pushkin Theatre in Leningrad, using Boris Pasternak's translation; this was one of the first Soviet productions of the play in the post-Joseph Stalin era.

Librettist (Music to the film "Hamlet" after Shakespeare, directed by Grigori Kozintsev and Iosif Shapiro)
Date of composition 1964 (1963-1964)
Type Film score
Catalogue Op. 116
Instruments Orchestra
Arrangements Dmitri Shostakovitch: Suite from Hamlet, Op. 116a
Autotranslations beta Dmitri Chostakovitch: Hamlet, Op. 116
Dmitrij Šostakovič: Hamlet, Op. 116
Dmitri Dmitrijewitsch Schostakowitsch: Hamlet, Op. 116