The film depicts the short life of a Moscow schoolgirl Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya who at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War became a partisan-infiltrator and was executed by the Germans in November 1941 near Moscow in a village Petrishcheva. She was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Librettist (Music to the film "Zoya" directed by Lev Arnshtam)
Date of composition 1944
Type Film score
Catalogue Op. 64
Instruments Orchestra
Chorus/Choir - Mixed Chorus ;
Arrangements Dmitri Shostakovitch: Suite from Zoya, Op. 64a
Autotranslations beta Dmitri Chostakovitch: Zoya, Op. 64
Dmitrij Šostakovič: Zoya, Op. 64
Dmitri Dmitrijewitsch Schostakowitsch: Zoya, Op. 64