Blumenstück (Flower Piece) in D-flat, Op. 19, is a piano work by Robert Schumann, written in 1839. Blumenstück is a series of short, connected and thematically related episodes, of which the second forms a recurring refrain while undergoing changes in both key and mood. It is considered to reflect the amorous human activities with which flowers are associated, rather than as depictions of flowers themselves. The piece takes between six and seven minutes to play.

Date of composition 1839
Tonality D-flat Major
Catalogue Op. 19
Instruments Piano
Autotranslations beta Robert Schumann: Blumenstück en ré bémol majeur, Op. 19 "Flower Piece"
Robert Schumann: Blumenstück in re bemolle maggiore, Op. 19 "Flower Piece"
Robert Schumann: Blumenstück Des-dur, Op. 19 "Flower Piece"