The Kammerkonzert für Klavier und Geige mit 13 Bläsern (Chamber Concerto for Piano and Violin with 13 Wind Instruments) is a piece of chamber music composed by Austrian composer Alban Berg. It was composed between 1923 and 1925. The short score was completed on 9 February 1925; the full score was finished on 23 July 1925. The work was premiered on 19 March 1927.

Date of composition 1925 (1923-1925)
Premiered 1927, March 19th
Type Concerto
Tonality Twelve-tone
Approx. duration 35 minutes
Instruments Piano
13x Wind Instrument
Arrangements Alban Berg: Adagio
Autotranslations beta Alban Berg: Kammerkonzert
Alban Berg: Kammerkonzert
Alban Berg: Kammerkonzert