Sergei Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kijé (Russian: Поручик Киже, Poruchik Kizhe) music was originally written to accompany the film of the same name, produced by the Belgoskino film studios in Leningrad in 1933–34 and released in March 1934. It was Prokofiev's first attempt at film music, and his first commission.

Librettist (Film score for "Lieutenant Kijé" by Aleksandr Faintsimmer. Based on the novel of the same title by Yury Tynyanov)
Date of composition 1933
Type Film score
Catalogue Op. 60
Instruments Orchestra
Arrangements Sergei Prokofiev: Suite from Lieutenant Kijé, Op. 60 bis
Sergei Prokofiev: Two Songs from Lieutenant Kijé, for voice and piano, Op. 60ter
Autotranslations beta Sergueï Prokofiev: Lieutenant Kijé, Op. 60
Sergej Sergeevič Prokof'ev: Lieutenant Kijé, Op. 60
Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew: Lieutenant Kijé, Op. 60