The first movement is in sonata form and opens with a falling, dotted fanfare motif. A transitional section follows which contains a dialogue between violins and bass alternating between loud and soft dynamics and ending with a trill. The second theme group of the sonata-form structure contains two sections. The first is a ländler scored for two violins against bass while the second is a minuet for the tutti featuring trills on almost every beat. The expositional coda returns to the ländler style. The development focuses on the minuet-style with the phrase-lengths elongatated. Following the recapitulation, the movement coda returns to this minuet and regularizes its phrase-lengths before the final cadence.

Date of composition 1774
Type Symphony
Tonality D Major
Catalogue KV 201
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphonie n°30 en ré majeur, KV 201
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonia n. 30 in re maggiore, KV 201
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonie Nr. 30 D-dur, KV 201