The Piano Sonata No. 18 in D major, K. 576, was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as part of a set of six for Princess Friederike of Prussia in 1789. It is often nicknamed "The Hunt" or "The Trumpet Sonata", for the hornlike opening. The sonata, having a typical performance duration of about 15 minutes, is Mozart's last.

Date of composition 1789
Type Sonata
Tonality D Major
Catalogue KV 576
Instruments Piano
Autotranslations beta Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonate pour piano n°18 en ré majeur, KV 576
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata per pianoforte n. 18 in re maggiore, KV 576
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonate Nr. 18 für Klavier D-dur, KV 576