The Lark (French: 'L'Alouette) is a 1952 play about Joan of Arc by the French playwright Jean Anouilh. It was presented on Broadway in English in 1955, starring Julie Harris as Joan and Boris Karloff as Pierre Cauchon. It was produced by Kermit Bloomgarden. Lillian Hellman made the English adaptation and Leonard Bernstein composed the incidental music. The two stars of the play reprised their roles in a 1957 television production of the play, as part of the anthology series Hallmark Hall of Fame. A different television adaptation aired in 1958 in Australia. There is another English translation by Christopher Fry.

Date of composition 1955
Premiered 1955, October 28th in Boston, MA, United States
Type Incidental music
Autotranslations beta Leonard Bernstein: The Lark
Leonard Bernstein: The Lark
Leonard Bernstein: The Lark