Aram Khachaturian wrote his Cello Concerto in E minor in 1946 for Sviatoslav Knushevitsky. It was the last of the three concertos he wrote for the individual members of a renowned Soviet piano trio that performed together from 1941 until 1963. The others were: the Piano Concerto for Lev Oborin (1936); and the Violin Concerto for David Oistrakh (1940).

Date of composition 1946
Premiered 1946, October 30th (Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory) in Moscow, Russia
Type Concerto
Tonality E Minor
Instruments Cello
Autotranslations beta Aram Khatchatourian: Concerto pour violoncelle en mi mineur
Aram Il'ič Chačaturjan: Concerto per violoncello in mi minore
Aram Chatschaturjan: Konzert für Violoncello e-moll