Tancredi is a melodramma eroico (opera seria or 'heroic' opera) in two acts by composer Gioachino Rossini and librettist Gaetano Rossi (who was also to write Semiramide ten years later), based on Voltaire's play Tancrède (1760). The opera made its first appearance at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice on 6 February 1813, and because Il signor Bruschino premiered in late January, the composer must have completed Tancredi in less than a month. The overture, borrowed from La pietra del paragone, is a popular example of Rossini's characteristic style and is regularly performed in concert and recorded.

Librettist Gaetano Rossi (Based on play "Tancrède" by Voltaire)
Date of composition 1813
Premiered 1813, February 6th in Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Type Opera
Approx. duration 180 minutes
Spoken language Italian
Instruments String Orchestra
Voice (Contralto) - Tancredi, an exiled Syracusean soldier
Voice (Soprano) - Amenaide, the daughter of a noble family, in love with Tancredi
Voice (Tenor) - Argirio, father of Amenaide; head of his family, at war with the family of Orbazzano
Voice (Bass) - Orbazzano, the head of his noble family, at war with the family of Argirio
Voice (Contralto) - Isaura, friend to Amenaide
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Roggiero, Tancredi's squire
Chorus/Choir - Knights, nobles, squires, Syracusans, Saracens; ladies-in-waiting, warriors, pages, guards, etc
Autotranslations beta Gioachino Rossini: Tancredi
Gioachino Rossini: Tancredi
Gioachino Rossini: Tancredi