La valse, poème chorégraphique pour orchestre (a choreographic poem for orchestra), is a work written by Maurice Ravel between February 1919 and 1920; it was first performed on 12 December 1920 in Paris. It was conceived as a ballet but is now more often heard as a concert work. The work has been described as a tribute to the waltz, and the composer George Benjamin, in his analysis of La valse, summarized the ethos of the work:

Date of composition 1920 (1919-1920)
Premiered 1920, December 12th in Paris, France
First published 1921
Type Choreographic Poem
Tonality D Major
Catalogue M. 72
Approx. duration 13 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Maurice Ravel: La valse en ré majeur, M. 72
Maurice Ravel: La valse in re maggiore, M. 72
Maurice Ravel: La valse D-dur, M. 72