Scriabin had been married to a young pianist, Vera Ivanovna Isaakovich, in August 1897. Having given the first performance of his Piano Concerto at Odessa, Scriabin and his wife went to Paris, where he started to work on the new sonata. Scriabin is said to have called the finished work "Gothic", evoking the impression of a ruined castle. Some years later however, he devised a different programme for this sonata entitled "States of the Soul":

Date of composition 1898 (1897-1898)
First published 1898
Type Sonata
Tonality F-sharp Minor
Catalogue Op. 23
Approx. duration 20 minutes
Instruments Piano
Autotranslations beta Alexandre Scriabine: Sonate pour piano n°3 en fa dièse mineur, Op. 23
Aleksandr Nikolaevič Skrjabin: Sonata per pianoforte n. 3 in fa diesis minore, Op. 23
Alexander Nikolajewitsch Skrjabin: Sonate Nr. 3 für Klavier fis-moll, Op. 23