La donna del lago (The Lady of the Lake) is an opera composed by Gioachino Rossini with a libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola (whose verses are described as "limpid" by one critic) based on the French translation of The Lady of the Lake, a narrative poem written in 1810 by Sir Walter Scott, whose work continued to popularize the image of the romantic highlands. Scott's basic story has been noted as coming from "the hint of an incident stemming from the frequent custom of James V, the King of Scotland, of walking through the kingdom in disguise".

Original Name La donna del lago
Librettist Andrea Leone Tottola (Based upon a narrative poem "The Lady of the Lake" by Sir Walter Scott)
Date of composition 1819 (Composed between August and October 1819)
Premiered 1819, October 24th in Naples, Italy
Type Opera
Approx. duration 150 minutes
Spoken language Italian
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Tenor) - Giacomo V, re di Scozia, sotto il nome Uberto di Snowdon ((Uberto, alias of Giacomo - King James V of Scotland)
Voice (Bass) - Douglas d'Angus (father of Elena and former tutor to King James)
Voice (Soprano) - Elena, figlia di Douglas, donna del lago (the Lady of the Lake)
Voice (Tenor) - Rodrigo di Dhu (chief of the Highlanders)
Voice (Contralto) - Malcom Groeme
Voice (Bass) - Bertram
Voice (Tenor) - Serano (Douglas's retainer)
Chorus/Choir - Shepherds, hunters, kings' men, highlanders, courtiers
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Albina (Elena's confidante)
Autotranslations beta Gioachino Rossini: The Lady of the Lake
Gioachino Rossini: The Lady of the Lake
Gioachino Rossini: The Lady of the Lake