The Minuet is a canon between the higher and lower voices at the distance of one bar. Haydn would later write a similar canon in the minuet of his twenty-third symphony and similar canons would be later be written into G major minuets by Michael Haydn and Mozart. Later still, Haydn himself would develop this technique into the "Canones in Diapason" of the minuet of his Trauer Symphony and the "Witches' Minuet" of his D minor string quartet from Op. 76.[citation needed]

Date of composition 1762 (1760-1762)
Type Symphony
Tonality G Major
Catalogue Hob. I:3
Approx. duration 18 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Joseph Haydn: Symphonie n°3 en sol majeur, Hob. I:3
Franz Joseph Haydn: Sinfonia n. 3 in sol maggiore, Hob. I:3
Joseph Haydn: Sinfonie Nr. 3 G-dur, Hob. I:3