La straniera (The Foreign Woman) is an opera in two acts with music by Vincenzo Bellini to an Italian libretto by Felice Romani, based on the novel L'Étrangère (2 vols, 1825) by Charles-Victor Prévot, vicomte d'Arlincourt, although writer Herbert Weinstock also adds that it is "more likely [based on] a dramatization of [that novel] in Italian by Giovan Carlo, barone di Cosenza" since he then quotes a letter from Bellini to his friend Francesco Florimo in which he says that Romani "certainly will not follow the play" [suggesting then that they were aware of its existence.]

Original Name La straniera
Librettist Felice Romani (Based on Charles-Victor Prévot, vicomte d'Arlincourt's novel L'Étrangère)
Premiered 1829, February 18th (Teatro alla Scala) in Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
First published 1829
Type Opera
Spoken language Italian
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Soprano) - Alaide, the stranger
Voice (Tenor) - Arturo, Count of Ravenstel
Voice (Baritone) - Valdeburgo, Baron, secret brother of Alaide
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Isoletta, fiancée of Arturo
Voice (Tenor) - Osburgo, confidant of Arturo
Voice (Bass) - Il signore di Montolino, father of Isoletta
Voice (Bass) - Il Priore degli Spedalieri
Autotranslations beta Vincenzo Bellini: The Foreign Woman
Vincenzo Bellini: The Foreign Woman
Vincenzo Bellini: The Foreign Woman