Theodora (HWV 68) is a dramatic oratorio in three acts by George Frideric Handel, set to an English libretto by Thomas Morell. The oratorio concerns the Christian martyr Theodora and her Christian-converted Roman lover, Didymus. It had its first performance at Covent Garden Theatre on 16 March 1750.

Librettist Thomas Morell (After "The Martyrdom of Theodora and Didymus" by Robert Boyle)
Date of composition 1749 (28 June to 31 July 1749)
Premiered 1750, March 16th (Covent Garden Theatre) in London, UK
Type Oratorio
Catalogue HWV 68
Spoken language English
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Soprano) - Theodora, a Christian of noble birth
Voice (Castrato) - Didymus, a Roman Officer, converted by and in love with Theodora
Voice (Bass) - Valens, President of Antioch
Voice (Tenor) - Valens, President of AntiochSeptimius, another Roman soldier and friend to Didymus
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Irene, a Christian and friend of Theodora
Voice (Tenor) - Messenger
Chorus/Choir - Christians, Chorus of Heathens
Autotranslations beta Georg Friedrich Haendel: Theodora, HWV 68
Georg Friedrich Händel: Theodora, HWV 68
Georg Friedrich Händel: Theodora, HWV 68