Zeno's libretto was first performed on 27 December 1698 to music by Carlo Francesco Pollarolo in Venice (Il Faramondo). In 1719 Nicola Porpora used it at the Teatro San Bartolomeo in Naples, and Francesco Gasparini at the Teatro Alibert in Rome. The libretto for Gasparini was considerably revised, and it was this version, after further removing about half the recitatives, that Handel used. Handel's Faramondo was first performed at the King's Theatre, London, on 3 January 1738. There were 8 performances and it was never revived. The first modern production was at the Handel Festival, Halle (then in East Germany), on 5 March 1976.

Librettist Unknown (After Apostolo Zeno)
Date of composition 1737 (November 1737 - Decembre 1737)
Premiered 1738, January 3rd (King's Theatre in the Haymarket) in London, UK
Type Opera
Catalogue HWV 39
Spoken language Italian
Instruments Voice (Castrato) - Faramondo, King of the Franks
Voice (Soprano) - Clotilde, Faramondo's sister
Voice (Bass) - Gustavo, King of the Cimbrians
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Rosimonda, Gustavo's daughter
Voice (Soprano) - Adolfo, Gustavo's son
Voice (Contralto) - Gernando, King of the Suebi
Voice (Bass) - Teobaldo, general of the Cimbrians
Voice (Soprano) - Childerico, his supposed son, confidante of Rosimonda
Autotranslations beta Georg Friedrich Haendel: Faramondo, HWV 39
Georg Friedrich Händel: Faramondo, HWV 39
Georg Friedrich Händel: Faramondo, HWV 39