The first movement is in a fast tempo and begins with a ritornello played by the violins and then repeated by the solo lute. According to AllMusic critic Brian Robins, the ritornello "contrasts a tuneful opening theme with a more lyrical motif in the minor mode." During the movement, the solo lute plays melodies in contrast to the ritornello. The movement consists of several sections, almost all of which incorporate a portion of the ritornello melody.

Date of composition 1731 (1730-1731)
Type Concerto
Tonality D Major
Catalogue RV 93
Instruments Lute
2x Violin
Autotranslations beta Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto pour luth en ré majeur, RV 93
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto per liuto in re maggiore, RV 93
Antonio Vivaldi: Konzert für Laute D-dur, RV 93