Scored for a very large orchestra, it is recognised as one of Schnittke's most extreme essays in aleatoric music: from the outset the piece is loud, brash and chaotic, and it imports motifs from all parts of the Western classical tradition. Schnittke includes a choreography for the musicians themselves, and in a manner similar to Haydn's Farewell Symphony, leave and re-enter the stage at points marked in the score.

Date of composition 1974 (Composed between 1969 and 1974)
Premiered 1974, February 9th in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Nijni Novgorod
Type Symphony
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Alfred Schnittke: Symphonie n°1
Al'fred Garrievič Šnitke: Sinfonia n. 1
Alfred Schnittke: Sinfonie Nr. 1