Chabrier met his librettists at the home of a mutual friend, the painter Gaston Hirsh, in 1875. Chabrier played to them early versions of the romance "O petite étoile" and the ensemble "Le pal, est de tous les supplices..." (with words by Verlaine which Leterrier and Vanloo found too bold and toned down). They agreed to collaborate and Chabrier set about composition with enthusiasm. The story echoes some of the characters and situations of Chabrier's Fisch-Ton-Kan.

Librettist Eugène Leterrier and Albert Vanloo.
Date of composition 1877
Premiered 1877, November 28th (Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens)
First published 1877 in Paris, France
Type Opera Buffa
Catalogue D 29
Spoken language French
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Tenor) - Ouf 1er, King of the 36 realms
Voice (Bass) - Siroco, astrologer
Voice (Baritone) - Prince Hérisson de Porc-Epic, Ambassador of the court of Mataquin
Voice (Tenor) - Tapioca, Hérisson's secretary
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Lazuli
Voice (Soprano) - La Princesse Laoula
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano) - Aloès, Hérisson's wife
Voice (Soprano) - Oasis, Maid of honour
5x Voice (Soprano) - Asphodèle, Youca, Adza, Zinnia, Koukouli, Maids of honour
Narrator, Recitant, Speaker - Chief of police
Chorus/Choir - Mixed Chorus ; People, guards, courtiers
Autotranslations beta Emmanuel Chabrier: L'étoile, D 29
Emmanuel Chabrier: L'étoile, D 29
Emmanuel Chabrier: L'étoile, D 29