Adina was commissioned in 1818 by Diego Ignazio de Pina Manique, police superintendent of Lisbon and inspector of Portuguese theatres. The plot is very similar to that of Francesco Basili's 1819 opera, Il califfo e la schiava, for which the libretto was written by Felice Romani, and some passages occur in both librettos - a mystery which has not yet been unravelled.

Librettist Marchese Gherardo Bevilacqua-Aldobrandini
Date of composition 1818 in Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
Premiered 1826, June 22nd (Teatro Nacional de São Carlos) in Lisbon, Portugal
First published 1858, Ricordi in Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Type Opera
Spoken language Italian
Instruments Orchestra
Male Chorus
Voice (Soprano) - Adina, a slave-girl
Voice (Tenor) - Selimo, her former lover
Voice (Bass) - The Caliph, the unknown father of Adina
Voice (Bass) - Ali, a young Arab
Voice (Bass) - Mustafa, gardener of the seraglio
Autotranslations beta Gioachino Rossini: Adina
Gioachino Rossini: Adina
Gioachino Rossini: Adina