Armida was written to be performed at the Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, on 11 November 1817 to celebrate the opening of the rebuilt opera house which had been destroyed by fire the previous year. Isabella Colbran sang the title role, which is one of the longest and most demanding that Rossini wrote, with difficult coloratura passages of every kind during the entire opera. The most notable are to be found in "D'amore al dolce impero" during Act 2, in the duets between Armida and Rinaldo, and in parts of the Act 3 finale.

Librettist Giovanni Schmidt (based on scenes from Gerusalemme liberata by Torquato Tasso)
Date of composition 1817
Type Opera
Spoken language Italian
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Soprano) - Armida, Princess of Damascus, a sorceress
Voice (Tenor) - Rinaldo, a paladin knight
Voice (Tenor) - Gernando, a paladin
Voice (Tenor) - Ubaldo, a paladin
Voice (Tenor) - Carlo, a paladin
Voice (Tenor) - Goffredo, (Godfrey of Bouillon), the leader of the paladins
Voice (Tenor) - Eustazio, Goffredo's brother
Voice (Bass) - Idraote, king of Damascus and Armida's uncle
Voice (Bass) - Astarotte, leader of Armida's spirits
Autotranslations beta Gioachino Rossini: Armida
Gioachino Rossini: Armida
Gioachino Rossini: Armida