Julius Caesar is usually associated with two other Schumann concert overtures written about that time, also inspired by great literature: The Bride of Messina, Op. 100 (based on Schiller's eponymous play) and Hermann und Dorothea, Op. 136 (based on Goethe's epic poem). The year 1851 was intensely active for Schumann: not only did he complete these three overtures, he also wrote his Piano Trio No. 3, his 1st and 2nd violin sonatas, a chamber oratorio, lieder, works for chorus and orchestra, and works for solo piano; and thoroughly revised his Symphony No. 4.

Date of composition 1851
Premiered 1852, August 3rd in Düsseldorf, Germany
Type Overture
Tonality F Minor
Catalogue Op. 128
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Robert Schumann: Julius Caesar en fa mineur, Op. 128
Robert Schumann: Julius Caesar in fa minore, Op. 128
Robert Schumann: Julius Caesar f-moll, Op. 128