The Wehrmacht launches a last, massive assault, intended to overwhelm the defenders of Stalingrad. As the Red Army is pushed back to the Volga, Stalin orders to commence Operation Uranus. The Germans are encircled, and efforts to relieve the Stalingrad pocket fail. Paulus, ordered by Hitler to hold to the end, refuses to surrender while his soldiers starve. The Soviets close on the city, destroying the Sixth Army. After Red Army soldiers enter his command post, Paulus orders his remaining troops to surrender. The Soviets hold a victory rally in liberated Stalingrad; In Moscow, Stalin looks at a map, setting his eyes on Berlin.

Librettist (Film score for "The Battle of Stalingrad" Soviet epic war film about the Battle of Stalingrad, directed by Vladimir Petrov.)
Date of composition 1949
Type Film score
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Aram Khatchatourian: The Battle of Stalingrad
Aram Il'ič Chačaturjan: The Battle of Stalingrad
Aram Chatschaturjan: The Battle of Stalingrad