The Concerti Grossi, Op. 3, HWV 312–317, are six concerti grossi by George Frideric Handel compiled into a set and published by John Walsh in 1734. Musicologists now agree that Handel had no initial knowledge of the publishing. Instead, Walsh, seeking to take advantage of the commercial success of Corelli's Opus 6 Concerti Grossi, simply combined several of Handel's already existing works and grouped them into six "concertos".

Date of composition 1718
First published 1734 John Walsh in London, United Kingdom
Type Concerto
Tonality D Major
Catalogue HWV 317
Instruments Oboe
Autotranslations beta Georg Friedrich Haendel: Concerto Grosso n°6 en ré majeur, HWV 317
Georg Friedrich Händel: Concerto Grosso n. 6 in re maggiore, HWV 317
Georg Friedrich Händel: Concerto Grosso Nr. 6 D-dur, HWV 317