Phaedra is a CD label whose aim it is "to publish works written between 1830 and the present by Flemish (and occasionally Belgian) composers, and to promote them world-wide". The label is a subdivision of "Klassieke Concerten vzw". Unlike most CD labels, Phaedra is not a commercial undertaking: being a subdivision of a "vzw", an association without lucrative purpose, Belgian law forbids it to make a profit. Phaedra was founded in 1992 by Luc Famaey. Its 2012 catalog listed 105 CDs, which contained works by over 220 composers, issued in two series, In Flanders' Fields (75 CDs) and Phaedra Classics (27 CDs), plus one Mouseion CD that was started but discontinued immediately. In June 2018 the In Flanders' Fields series had added another 11 CDs, the Phaedra Classics series had added another 8, so that all Phaedra-series combined contain works by 238 known composers, plus some anonymous works. (Rondo DB)

Parent label Klassieke Concerten vzw
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Country Belgium
Started 1992