Hathut Records is a Swiss record company and label founded by Werner Xavier Uehlinger in 1974 that specializes in jazz and classical music. The name of the label comes from the artwork of Klaus Baumgartner. Huthut encompasses the labels hat ART, hatOLOGY, and hat NOIR. The label's first releases were by Joe McPhee. Its roster includes Ray Anderson, Anthony Braxton, Lisle Ellis, Georg Graewe, Gerry Hemingway, Franz Koglmann, Steve Lacy, Joelle Leandre, Myra Melford, Paul Plimley, Max Roach, Horace Tapscott, Cecil Taylor, Mike Westbrook, John Zorn, Vienna Art Orchestra, David Murray, Archie Shepp, Jimmy Lyons, Tony Coe, Michel Portal, and Sun Ra. The label progressed through a range of series featuring distinct packaging styles, from the initial runs of initial 12 inch LP's with alphabetical and numerical catalog numbers with sleeve drawings and paintings by Klaus Baumgärtner, to elaborately packaged boxes with inserts and postcards, and then black and white photography on CD releases. From 1985 until 2000 the label received funding from the Swiss Bank Corporation. Its catalogue was acquired by the Belgian music publisher Outhere Music in 2017. (Rondo DB)

Wikipedia Hathut_Records
Country Switzerland
Started 1974
Official website http://www.hathut.com/