Harmonia Mundi is an independent record label which specializes in classical music, jazz, and world music (on the World Village label). It was founded in France in 1958 and is now a subsidiary of PIAS Entertainment Group. Its Latin name harmonia mundi translates as "harmony of the world". In the 1950s, two music entrepreneurs, Frenchman Bernard Coutaz and German Rudolf Ruby, met by chance on a train journey and started a friendship based on their musical interests. They formed a business relationship and set up two classical music record labels, both named Harmonia Mundi . Coutaz's Harmonia Mundi (France) was founded in Saint Michel de Provence, France, in 1958, and around the same time, Rudolf Ruby set up Deutsche Harmonia Mundi. The two labels shared similar aims and specialised in recordings of Early and Baroque music, with an emphasis on scholarly, historically informed performance and high-quality sound and production values. They also shared the Harmonia Mundi name for commercial reasons and collaborated for many years, sharing artists, material and distribution, and competing successfully with classical labels such as Éditions de l'Oiseau-Lyre and Deutsche Grammophon's Archiv Produktion. The association between the two labels began to loosen after Deutsche Harmonia Mundi partnered with BASF and then with EMI Records. In 1989 Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) took over the Deutsche Harmonia Mundi's distribution. Ruby retired in 1992 and Coutaz tried unsuccessfully to buy the German record label and Deutsche Harmonia Mundi was wholly acquired by BMG. Today BMG is part of Sony Classical Records. Coutaz's Harmonia Mundi continued as an independent label for many years. In 1986 Harmonia Mundi (France) moved to Arles, France. Harmonia Mundi (US) is a branch of Harmonia Mundi (France). There are also operations in the United Kingdom and in Spain. The label was acquired by PIAS Entertainment Group in September 2015. (Rondo DB)

Parent label PIAS Entertainment Group
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Country France
Started 1958
Official website http://www.harmoniamundi.com/