Parent type: Chamber Orchestra

Definition: A small instrumental ensemble. When a group consists of an entire instrument family, it is called a whole consort. When a group consists of instruments from various instrument families, it is called a mixed consort.


Consort Ensembles

Name Creation
Alessandro Stradella Consort 2024
Deller Consort 1947
Early Music Consort of London 1966
The Consort of Musicke 1968
Toronto Consort 1971
Hortus Musicus 1971
Taverner Choir, Consort & Players 1972
The King's Consort 1979
Ricercar Consort 1979
Combattimento Consort Amsterdam 1981
Gabrieli Consort 1981
Fretwork 1985
Orlando Consort 1987
Dunedin Consort 1994
Binchois Consort 1994
The Royal Wind Music 1996
Armonico Consort 2000
Capricornus Consort Basel 2005