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Alternative Spellings MPO
Creation 1997
Participants Kees Bakels - Conductor from 1998 to 2005
Matthias Bamert - Conductor from 2005 to 2008
Claus Peter Flor - Conductor from 2008 to 2014
Fabio Mechetti - Conductor from 2014 to 2015
City Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Malaysia
Country Malaysia

The MPO made its debut concert on 17 August 1998 under the direction of its first music director and founder, Kees Bakels. In July 2003, Bakels has announced that he would be stepping down due to health reason. In September 2003, the MPO appointed James Judd to succeed Bakels starting from 2004/2005 season. However, on 14 June 2004, the MPO via its press announcement confirmed that “all contractual relationship between MPO and Mr. Judd have ceased with effect from 7 April 2004”. The press announcement did not indicate any reason behind the termination of the contract. Due to the termination, Bakels has agreed to continue until the MPO has managed to find his replacement. Bakels holds the position until the end of 2004/2005 season and later, was honored with conductor laureate title by the MPO. wikipedia